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We have been servicing Martial Arts Schools for over 20 years.

We became involved with Martial Arts Insurance because we owned numerous schools and our Martial Arts Insurance, we felt, cost too much. We looked for a way of lowering our cost of Martial Arts Insurance and found that we could actively get involved in assisting all Martial Arts Studios in obtaining low cost, quality Martial Arts Insurance.

Our goal is to keep Martial Arts Liability Insurance rates as low as possible. One of our agents is a high ranking Martial Artist and is familiar with all facets of the Martial Arts industry. As a former multiple Martial Arts School Owner, he knows only too well how important Martial Arts Liability insurance is to protect the studio owner.

One of the methods we use to obtain the lowest cost Martial Arts Liability Insurance available is our buying power. Because we represent so many Martial Arts Studios, we have the ability to use these Martial Arts Studios as leverage in negotiating the lowest Martial Arts Liability Insurance prices in the industry!

We constantly strive to continue to locate the lowest cost and most comprehensive Martial Arts Liability Insurance available. In addition, we try to make sure that your Martial Arts Liability Insurance policy includes medical coverage as well. Separately, as every Martial Arts Studio owner knows, coverage for the contents of their studio is also necessary and for a small additional premium, the Martial Arts owner can purchase coverage for those items contained in their studio.

Recently, we have been able to secure workers compensation insurance on a National level as well – for those who need to have coverage for their employees.

Remember, we service all Martial Arts Styles. To include but not limited to Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, Jiu Jitsu, Aikido, Judo, Capo era, Tai Chi, and Mixed Martial Arts along with Boxing and Wrestling. In addition, if you need coverage for a summer camp or tournament, we can assist you in obtaining Liability Insurance for those events too!

Some Martial Artists feel that once they have attained a particular rank, it’s time to open their own school and teach. They fail to consider the numerous business decisions that surface after making this decision. One of the most important decisions is purchasing the proper martial arts insurance. Martial Arts Insurance is important for a variety of reasons.

One of the most important reasons is: 99% of the time, the landlord of your place of business will require Martial Arts Insurance coverage before they will allow you to open your doors. They know that as your landlord, they are exposed to any lawsuits that could be directed towards the school owner.

The second, and without a doubt, the most important reason to purchase Martial Arts Insurance, is to protect yourself! School owners often feel as though they are forced into purchasing a Martial Arts Insurance policy by their landlord. While this thought may have some merit, it should be dismissed, because it’s really a blessing in disguise. Every business owner knows that one of the keys to running a successful operation is to keep costs down. Of course, that’s obvious even for those not involved in a business. But, in the case of Martial Arts Insurance, while being an inherent cost consideration, you need the protection it offers.

A good Martial Arts Insurance policy helps protect you and your staff from potential bankruptcy and/or litigation that can literally cripple you financially. You would be amazed at how frequently school owners have a student who is injured in some way. Who is responsible in these situations? The school owner is ultimately responsible. No matter how hard you try to maintain a disciplined training experience for your students, accidents are inevitable. It could be something as simple as a sprained ankle while kicking the heavy bag or worse, some sort of concussion from an inexperienced blow to the head. When something like that occurs, the fun and instruction stops and the serious problems begin to surface.

You have enough to worry about when you start a business. You should not have to worry about something that is almost as predictable as a sunrise. Therefore, Martial Arts Insurance should be at the top of your list of things that must be in place before opening or running a school. Martial Arts Insurance genuinely helps you teach with a clear mind. There is no real fear of getting into some financial catastrophe because of an accident. Rather, the Martial Arts Insurance policy that you purchased can dispel much of that concern. This allows you the freedom to pursue your goal of imparting the knowledge you have gained over the years, to your students. You will find that the mere freedom of not having to concern yourself with worrying about Martial Arts Insurance will help you become a much better instructor. This directly benefits your business as well as your students.

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