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5 Important Facts You Must Know

1. Not all liability insurance will protect your school. Believe it or not, you could buy an expensive so-called martial arts insurance policy for your school and then not be covered. Not all liability policies will protect you and your school from an expensive lawsuit. I learned this the hard way. Back in my early days of owning schools, for several years, I paid for an expensive martial arts insurance policy that did not protect me. I was so lucky that no lawsuits were filed against me during this time. I was very fortunate and found a great martial arts insurance policy. That is why I started the Martial Arts Group. I knew other schools would like access to this great martial arts insurance.

2. Your policy must contain Participant Liability coverage. Participant Liability is the portion of your policy that will protect you from lawsuits brought on by a student’s injury during training at your school. Without it, you may lose a lawsuit from an injured student, forcing you to payout a huge judgment. Most people who did payout a large sum could not stay in business. Don’t lose your business. Protect yourself with martial arts insurance that has Participant Liability. Martial Arts Group is a great option for this type of martial arts insurance.

3. Not all martial arts insurance providers are equal. There are many different companies that you can purchase your Martial Arts insurance from. There are good companies and there are not so good companies. When I say not so good companies I mean companies with terrible customer service. Martial Arts Group serves thousands of martial arts schools every year. We have heard so many schools complain about not being able to get ahold of their martial arts insurance company. Sometimes it would take days for someone from the company to get back to them. You buy martial arts insurance hoping that you never have to use it. If you do have to use it, it is during a terrible time and you really want to be able to get ahold of your martial arts insurance company to get the answers you need. Martial Arts Group is known throughout the industry as having the best customer service. We are always here to answer your questions and help you with all your needs.

4. Paying too much or too little can hurt you. You can pay too much or you can pay too little for your Martial Arts insurance. Both can be a potential problem. Obviously you never want to pay too much for something. Be careful because I have heard stories from schools buying all kinds of extra coverage that they really didn’t need. Some martial arts insurance company just have outrageous minimum premiums. We would all like to pay as little as possible to get the coverage that we need. Be careful if a price is very inexpensive compared to the other companies. There could be something missing from that martial arts insurance policy. You might be buying a policy that does not contain participant liability coverage. Or you might buy a policy that just covers you leaving your school unprotected. So do your research and find a company that’s been around for a long time and has an extensive proven track record.

5. The company that you use should have an extensive track record. It is usually in your best interest to purchase your Martial Arts liability insurance from a company that’s been in existence for a long time. If a company has been around for a lengthy amount of time that usually is a good sign. Most of the time a company that has bad service or a bad product will go out of business. There is never a hundred percent guarantee that a company will be good because they’ve been in existence for a long time but more times than not they turn out to be a good company. So do your research and investigate the insurance company before you get your Martial Arts insurance. Martial Arts Group has been around for almost 30 years and served over 10,000 schools with their liability coverage. We are your best choice.