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Every year thousands of Karate and Martial Arts school owners vote Martial Arts Group best with their purchase of karate and martial arts liability insurance. They chose us and so should you.



The biggest reason you should choose us over other martial arts liability insurance providers is because we are just like you! We began teaching karate and martial arts over 30 years ago because of this,


1. Not all martial arts liability insurance will protect your school. Believe it or not, you could buy an expensive so-called martial arts insurance policy for your school and then not be covered. Not all liability policies will protect you and your school from an expensive lawsuit.I learned this the hard way. Back in my early days of owning schools, for several years, I paid for an expensive martial arts liability insurance policy that did not protect me.


Watch video to find out what your policy MUST contain in order to protect your school.
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“My experience in dealing with Martial Arts Group was a breath of fresh air.” 

Amy Won from Won’s Martial Arts Academy

“The overall experience was excellent.” 

Paul Cervizzi from Cervizzis martial arts

“The folks at Martial Arts Group were extremely helpful and knowledgeable.” 

Hanshi M Miki from Japan Karate Do Organization

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Martial Arts Group is a great place to get a karate and martial arts liability insurance quote. They have been in business for 25 years. Therefore, they understand the challenges a school owner faces when operating their business. The founder of Martial Arts Group has been in the arts since 1966. He has owned and operated over 30 schools with thousands of students. As a result, he knows operating a dojo is no easy challenge. Especially if you are just starting off or have a small student base to get referrals from. You don’t want to risk all that you worked for because of this, purchasing the correct martial arts liability insurance is crucial.

Double Your Enrollment

The directors of Martial Art Group have extensive experience in operating successful schools. In their so called “Hey Day” their student count rose to the ranks of 3000 students. There was definitely an element of “Being in the right place at the right time”  thing going on but they had what it takes to press this advantage. There was great knowledge gained during this time. It was a great time to test ideas to see what worked and what didn’t. Martial Arts Group will pass on to it’s members tried and proven recruitment and retention techniques. We want you to succeed. Wouldn’t it be great to Double Your Student Count?

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