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Welcome to Martial Arts Group Insurance, a Florida-based provider of National liability insurance for martial arts schools and other organizations specializing in this form of combat. We’ve been in business for at least three decades. Our extensive experience allows us to recommend the ideal martial arts insurance coverage that school owners need to cover their business from a range of property and liability claims.

We offer insurance for various martial arts styles, including Kung Fu, Karate, Tae Kwon Do and so many more. With our coverage, you’ll worry less about problems like equipment damage and bodily injury, and spend more time imparting invaluable knowledge to your students.

Martial Arts Insurance – Over 10,000 Schools Served

Every year thousands of Karate and Martial Arts school owners vote Martial Arts Group best with their purchase of karate and martial arts liability insurance. They chose us and so should you.

The biggest reason you should choose us over other martial arts liability insurance providers is because we are just like you! We began teaching karate and martial arts over 30 years ago because of this,


1. Not all martial arts liability insurance will protect your school. Believe it or not, you could buy an expensive so-called martial arts insurance policy for your school and then not be covered. Not all liability policies will protect you and your school from an expensive lawsuit.I learned this the hard way. Back in my early days of owning schools, for several years, I paid for an expensive martial arts liability insurance policy that did not protect me.

Our Martial Arts Insurance Coverage

We provide the following insurance coverage to protect martial arts school owners:

Liability Coverage

Our martial arts liability insurance safeguards owners, instructors, and staff against claims and lawsuits associated with damage to property and physical injury.

Accident and Medical Expense Coverage

We cover the medical costs of an injured student, teacher, or staff. This policy also includes an accidental death and dismemberment benefit.

Contents Coverage

This covers valuable possessions in your martial arts school, such as mirrors and sparring equipment.

Tournament Coverage

You may include this policy in your liability insurance if you’re holding a student-only in-house tournament at your school.

Please watch our short video explaining why you should obtain insurance for your martial arts studio.

The Importance of Martial Arts Insurance Coverage

Your Insurance-Related Questions Answered

What happens if my school doesn’t have martial arts insurance?

Injury and property damage will likely happen when you’re teaching any kind of fighting discipline. One of your instructors, for instance, could injure their foot or damage school property when they miscalculate a kick. If you left a kit lying around unintentionally, your apprentices may trip over them and hurt themselves (or accidentally break the item). You could pay thousands of dollars in lawsuits or shell out cash to fix or replace broken equipment.

Our liability and accident coverage protects you from the potential consequences of these circumstances. With a martial arts insurance policy, you may protect your school from financial losses.

What kind of insurance coverage is ideal for my school?

We encourage you to apply for liability, medical, and accident coverage. Martial arts liability insurance protects you from lawsuits that may arise from damage to property and bodily injury. On the other hand, medical and accident coverage will foot the cost of medical bills if your staff or students were injured during a practice session.

Why should I choose you over other martial arts insurance providers?

Our insurance helps martial arts school owners retain their students and increase their enrollment count. We provide proven and effective business and marketing information to make those goals happen (just contact us, and our team will send the details you need).

We let our numbers do the talking — our company has been providing insurance coverage to martial arts school owners for at least 30 years. We’ve also offered liability insurance to over 10,000 schools in the country.

Another great reason to choose us is our superior customer service. Our operators are available to listen to your insurance-related concerns and suggest the coverage ideal for your needs.

Have any further questions? Check out our FAQ page.

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Operating a dojo without any form of insurance is unwise, as you may lose your business with just a single lawsuit. Protect your martial arts school from liability and accident claims with our insurance products. Call 954-917-6889 or email [email protected] to receive a free quote.

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