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Protect Your Martial Arts Business with Our Insurance Coverage

Protect Your Martial Arts Business with Our Insurance Coverage

Martial Arts Group Insurance provides insurance coverage specifically for school or studio owners teaching martial arts in their school or studio. Our insurance policies help minimize the financial damage and ease the emotional stress associated with a personal injury lawsuit or damage to property.

We offer four types of insurance policies:

Liability Coverage

This coverage safeguards martial arts business owners, teachers, and employees against a number of claims, including physical injury of a student, general negligence, and legal defense costs.

Accident and Medical Coverage

This insurance policy covers medical treatments of staff or students who sustained an injury in your school. Accidental death and physical dismemberment are also part of this policy.

Contents Coverage

You may include this optional coverage when you purchase liability insurance. Cover the cost of valuable martial arts equipment, such as targets, shields, and sparring gear.

Tournament Coverage

Get this optional coverage if your martial arts school has plans to hold a student-only fighting tournament. You may buy a separate policy rider if you want to include participants from other schools.

Why Obtain Insurance Coverage for Your Martial Arts Business

A fighting discipline or sport that involves aggressive physical contact may result in bodily injuries. Young students, for instance, may miscalculate a punch or land awkwardly following a kick, which causes them to get hurt. If the injury is severe, the student may need to go through physical rehabilitation or a series of treatments to recover completely.

Martial arts insurance safeguards you and your school from the fallout due to an injury happening on your premises. You enjoy peace of mind knowing that your business has protection from an expensive liability lawsuit.

Another reason to obtain martial arts insurance is to protect your valuables from damage, loss, or theft. Head guards, training bags, mirrors, and other equipment may cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars in replacement. The right insurance coverage allows you to reimburse the cost of replacing these items.

Obtain a free quote or get more information from our martial arts insurance policies by emailing mailto:[email protected] or calling 954-917-6889.