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Martial Arts Insurance Coverage

Martial Arts insurance coverage

The objective of Martial arts insurance is to alleviate the emotional stress and financial devastation that could be brought upon you from a participant injury lawsuit. Our liability and accident insurance coverage is designed to protect the martial arts school owner. We have optional upgrades to our program like higher liability insurance limits, equipment coverage, plate glass window insurance, just to mention a few.

Liability Coverage:

The majority of the martial arts schools we cover choose a $2 million aggregate with the occurrence of $ 1 million. This policy is designed to protect owners, employees and instructors against lawsuits and claims brought from bodily injury (including participants), advertising liability along with property damage suits. This policy will cover the costs involved in the defense against covered claims. This insurance coverage does not have a deductible. Pursuant to the Federal Risk Retention Act of 1986 this coverage is offered through The Sports and Recreation Providers Purchasing Group.

Other coverages included with this policy:

*Death or injury of participants

* Liability for Property damage

*Death or injury of spectators

*Non-profit host liquor coverage

*Death or injury of volunteers

*The defense costs against lawsuits and the investigation for such claims

*General Negligence suits

*All activities incidental or necessary to carry out of activities

*lawsuits brought because of maintence, ownership or use of practice facilities.

You have the option to add venues and landlords with standard additional insured. Talk to representative to see if any additional charges are needed. Camps, tournaments and seminars can be added to your coverage for additional premium.


Claims from aircraft, nuclear energy claims, terrorism acts, claims from war, asbestos, HIV, AIDS, HTVL, pyrotechnics usage, hepatitis, spongiform encephalopathy, pollution, CAN-SPAM act violations, bacteria, lead poisoning, abuse or molestation, employment practices, mechanical bucking devises, inflatable devices, zip lines, rock climbing, all terrain vehicles and anything prior to the effective date of the policy. See policy for full exclusion details.

See the policy for full details.  The information provided is just a summary.

Accident Coverage:

 Covers medical expenses of an injured employee or student. The benefit is up to $100,000.

Medical Expense Benefit:

If a covered injury happens to a person who is covered by the policy and if this injury has no other causes and is independent, the insurance company will pay the medical charges that arose from such expense within three hundred and sixty five days, beginning on the date of the injury. There is a $250 deductible.

The first medical expenses must start within the first ninety days of the injury.

The following expenses will be considered eligible as long as they do not exceed the customary and usual for such expenses; surgical and medical procedures by the physician, X-rays, prescriptions, dental, hospital care, ambulance. See the policy details to see all coverages.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit:

The coverage is $100,000 with a $500,000 aggregate. To mention a few of the thing this portion of the policy covers thing like death, loss of sight, loss of limb, quadriplegia, and paraplegia. See the policy details to see all the coverages.

See the policy for full details.  The information provided is just a summary.