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Tournament Coverage


 This coverage is included in your liability policy but only if you are having an in house (your students only) type of tournament. Larger schools usually need to demonstrate they have this coverage if having a tournament at another location other than their school. If however you want to host a tournament, a separate policy rider can be purchased to incorporate the participation of students or participants other than your own.


Understanding Our Liability Coverage Options for Events

The risk of injury during a martial arts competition is often high. Actually, many accidents are unavoidable. Therefore, proper insurance is indispensable for martial arts studios that want to avoid legal problems and huge financial losses.

Even if no one is at fault for the accident, many martial arts schools often deal with liability claims if a participant or spectator is injured during a tournament.

Fortunately, a martial arts liability insurance policy can offer a comprehensive solution if it covers competitions and other events.

What Is a Martial Arts Liability Insurance Policy?

Essentially, this type of insurance policy offers coverage to mixed martial arts and self-defense schools. It protects institutions and instructors from financial losses due to costly medical bills and property damage that results from injuries occurring on their premises or while teaching.

As such, a martial arts insurance policy should cover tournaments held within the school or studio. However, it often varies.

What Does Martial Arts Insurance Typically Cover?

Most policies cover professional liability or general liability insurance. Therefore, they protect against injuries, damages, and losses caused by students or instructors.

In other words, martial arts insurance coverage extends to bodily injuries and property-related losses, such as equipment theft.

A comprehensive liability and accident medical insurance policy for a martial arts business should cover different activities and equipment used in dojos.

The following martial arts styles are often covered by these policies:

      • Tae Kwon Do
      • Karate
      • Tai Chi
      • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
      • And more

Who Needs Martial Arts Insurance Coverage During an Event?

Ideally, all martial arts studios should be prepared for the unexpected. Insurance policies can ensure their business is protected against liabilities resulting from personal injuries, medical costs, and property or income losses.

As mentioned, most liability policies often include martial arts event insurance coverage. However, it covers only in-house tournaments and the school’s students.

A larger martial arts school may need to prove it has this coverage if the tournament is held at another location.

In addition, a martial arts studio that plans to host a tournament can also purchase a separate liability insurance policy to cover both its students and other participants.

Many martial arts schools also purchase insurance policies offering coverage for instructors and experts who may face liability claims if an accident occurs during a tournament.

Why Should Schools and Studios Have Martial Arts Insurance?

Martial arts are sports, skills, or combat traditions often practiced as forms of self-defense, physical development, entertainment, and competition.

In addition, martial arts training offers many benefits, such as discipline development, learning self-defense techniques, and better physical and mental health.

Both instructors and martial art business owners are proud to offer all these benefits to students. However, teaching these disciplines comes with risks, even if conducted in safe environments and in a low-contact manner.

When it comes to tournaments, it’s also important to have insurance. Competitions allow students to test and hone their skills. However, accidents always happen.

In these cases, martial arts schools must have a comprehensive policy that offers medical coverage and defense if they’re the target of a liability claim.

Purchasing a martial arts insurance policy can give you the peace of mind you need during these events, which allows you to focus on enjoying your students’ demonstrations and protecting your business if something goes wrong.

Why Choose Martial Arts Group Insurance?

If you want comprehensive martial arts tournament insurance coverage, you should choose a reliable provider and a policy that suits your needs, objectives, and requirements.

Fortunately, that’s what you get if you choose us as your insurance company.

Martial Arts Group Insurance has offered liability insurance to martial art schools and other institutions specializing in combat training for over three decades. Therefore, we can provide the best policies and help you choose the right option.

Thanks to our extensive experience, our professional team can offer the guidance that martial arts school owners need to choose the insurance policy their businesses need during tournaments if they host student-only in-house competitions.

In addition, we offer insurance for events involving different martial arts styles, such as Karate, Kung Fu, Tae Kwon Do, and more!

Our company has served over 10,000 martial arts schools looking for insurance during the last 30 years.

Also, we know that not all policies will protect your studio from lawsuits, even if they’re expensive. That’s why we’re committed to offering great liability insurance for martial arts schools like ours.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions about our martial arts event insurance options? Check out the FAQ section below!

No, they aren’t! We understand that the best martial arts insurance policies aren’t too cheap or too expensive. Therefore, we offer comprehensive coverage for your in-house competition at the best price.

If you choose an unfinanced policy, becoming insured with Martial Arts Group Insurance takes just one business day.

However, the process can take two business days if you need a financed policy. Remember that you must physically sign the finance agreement and then send it to us to complete the transaction. Therefore, becoming insured could take longer in these cases.

Martial arts liability insurance can protect you and your school from lawsuits for injuries and property damage that occurred during an event. However, we recommend applying for medical and accident coverage as well.

Medical insurance can help you cover medical bills if participants are physically injured, for example.

However, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have doubts about the ideal policy for your martial arts studio. We can help you make the best decision.