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Paying for Aikido Insurance for your martial arts educational institutions is necessary as numerous things may go drastically wrong in martial arts, people might slip, people might fall, and this brings either legal actions, which will hurt one’s own school monetarily, and undesirable publicity, which will harm the school’s image and harm you fiscally as well. You do not want cases to go forward and get into community press such as newspapers and radio/television news. That’s why it is vital to choose the proper Aikido Insurance, simply because this can save your corporation from finance problems that result from injury at your school.
The type of liability for Aikido Insurance that is commonly offered to martial arts schools is really useless in many circumstances. In the example of a student being hurt participating martial arts training, just Aikido Insurance can protect the school from “participant liability”. If a student were to sue you while participating in instruction, regular liability for Aikido Insurance will not be able to protect you from a terrible lawsuit. All the hard work and many hours invested in establishing your school could be wrecked simply by just one lawsuit if you do not own Aikido Insurance.
A martial arts instructor teaches his/her student ways to defend themselves. They provide them all the necessary and crucial moves to defend themselves, but much of the time, these educators won’t take the necessary steps to defend themselves, like in the event of a lawsuit, where someone is trying to remove all the things the martial artist worked so hard to achieve. The greatest thing these martial artists can do is getting the ideal Aikido Insurance to guard them during these scenarios.
If they sue your institution they can take everything you own, your house, your motor vehicle, your money, so you have got to understand how you can defend yourself correctly, and choosing the right Aikido Insurance such as Martial Arts Group, will save your business from the liability of these accidents and legal actions, which can save your institution and in some cases your livelihood. You will need to look around your current studio and be sure it risk-free for spectators and trainees likewise. Be sure you have procedures inside your studio that maximize safety. That only will go so far, and not everything can be avoided, that’s why you need to possess the ideal Aikido Insurance.

Aikido Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

How does Aikido Insurance support martial arts schools?

The nature of martial arts makes certain liabilities more likely to happen. Injuries to students, staff, and spectators occur sometimes, and it is important for a company working in an art form that involves risks to have the right cover.

It doesn’t need to be boxing contact sparring for the possibility of injury to be present. Training and general operations also present risks. Aikido is here to offer protection and coverage to schools in the event of accidents or incidents that lead to damage or bodily harm.

These tailored insurance policies help schools better protect themselves from lawsuits follow injuries, and support financially when there are settlements to be paid. You are never alone in facing legal battles with insurance from Aikido- we are on your side every step of the way.

Does Aikido Insurance cover tournaments?

Yes, it does, but the level of coverage depends on your policy. In-house tournaments where only the insured’s members participate are covered in the general liability insurance, but you may need to take out additional coverage if you are traveling to other tournaments or hosting other organizations.

There are optional policy extensions available that expand your liability coverage to all participants in the tournament.

Are abuse, molestation, and other sensitive issues included in the coverage?

Extreme cases involving physical, mental, or sexual abuse may be rare, and you certainly hope to never need coverage for your school. However, if an incident does happen, it can lead to incredibly expensive legal trials and settlements- not to mention the cost involved in helping your staff and students recover from the trauma of something like this happening in your organization.

Having an advanced insurance program that extends to legal coverage and liability payments is essential to protect the future of your martial arts organization. Aikido offers high-liability insurance coverage to protect you if the worst should happen.

Will insurance provide coverage in the event of serious injury?

Martial arts can be dangerous, and injuries are not uncommon. When something goes wrong or someone gets hurt, it is important to have insurance to help with medical payments and other damages.

There are several packages that offer protection for martial arts schools in accidents resulting in severe injuries or even death. A standard inclusion in the liability coverage is up to $1 million per incident for medical care, legal defense, and property damage or destruction.

Organizations specializing in the higher-risk styles may require additional coverage, but the general medical accident coverage is enough for most incidents. Aikido covers up to $100,000 in medical payments for any injured student, instructor, or employee.

Are there any types of martial arts that are not covered?

Most martial arts are covered, from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to Kung Fu and Karate to Goju Ryu. The insurance policy extensions for tournaments and mixed martial arts schools cover various styles under one coverage.

You can request an instant quote from Aikido Insurance directly or contact us to discuss your specific needs. A representative can let you know what types of coverage are best for your school.

How is Aikido different from other mixed martial arts insurance companies?

Aikido Insurance is comprehensive, detailed, and specifically designed for martial arts schools, tournaments, and training programs.

Unlike other insurance companies that offer general protection and try to make it fit, we have tailored our policies to include and cover every potential risk and liability involved in teaching, training, and participation in various types of martial arts.

Most general policies have notable exclusions that could lead to unmanageable expenses in extreme circumstances. At Aikido, we understand the ins and outs of this world, and we provide incomparable liability insurance coverage for schools no matter what happens.

A policy with Aikido includes all your usual liability coverage, such as damage to premises rented and reimbursement for medical bills, but it also covers public safety, equipment, and legal defense against lawsuits.

We are the best at what we do, and the 10,000-plus schools we have already helped over the years would agree.