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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Insurance

Paying for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Insurance on your martial arts schools is extremely important as many things can go drastically wrong in martial arts, people can slip, people could possibly fall, and this is able to bring either getting sued, which will damage your current school fiscally, and terrible press, which could harm ones school’s image and injure you economically as well. You don’t want legal cases to go forward and get into local media such as papers and radio/television news. This is why it is essential to select the appropriate Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Insurance, because this could save your corporation from finance problems that result from injury at your school.

Most liability for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Insurance that’s offered to martial arts educational institutions does not actually cover a school from injury legal actions. That is why it truly crucial that you own something named “participant liability.” This Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Insurance liability insures you as the student is participating. Even though you have Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Insurance liability, if your student gets seriously injured and the student or the parents of the student choose to take legal action against you, if you don’t possess participant liability, you will not be protected in this situation. You have probably put countless hours of your time and a large amount of cash into making and setting up your current martial arts institution, without the proper Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Insurance, it might all be ruined and lost. Just one suit can certainly end the whole thing.

Martial arts teachers take time to teach their students what to do in the case that they need to protect themselves. Though instructors teach pertaining to defensive strategy, they ought to be watchful they themselves actually do not open themselves up, helpless, into a legal action that will wreck their career. A person shouldn’t gamble with your career and hope that not a soul gets hurt in a type of activity that makes it most likely that injuries will eventually come about. In order to 100 % defend oneself is to buy Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Insurance.

Whenever they sue your own school they are able to take everything you own, your own home, your car, your hard-earned dollars, so you have got to understand the right way to shield yourself properly, and picking the needed Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Insurance like Martial Arts Group, can save your company from the liability of the accidental injuries and legal cases, which may save your school and even your livelihood. It is important to look around your studio and ensure it safe for spectators and pupils likewise. Be sure you have procedures in the studio that improve safety. That only goes so far, and not every little thing could be avoided, that’s why you must get the appropriate Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is specialized martial arts insurance coverage better than general liability insurance for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

There are plenty of general liability insurance companies advertising injury insurance for every situation, but the policies are not tailored to the needs of a martial arts school.

On the other hand, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu general liability insurance policy is specifically designed for martial artists and the risks they face.

Rather than spending money on a one-size-fits-all insurance policy from a generic provider, martial arts schools, tournament hosts, and trainers should have tailor-made coverage for their unique business.

Having the backing of an insurance company that works specifically in the martial arts world gives you peace of mind that your every need is met. Because we understand the liabilities that come with operating a martial arts school, we know what good coverage looks like.

Does Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu insurance cover employees of the martial arts school?

Yes, it does. Anyone involved in training or events who works for or attends the school is covered by the policy. This extends to employees of other schools if you are hosting a tournament (as long as you have tournament coverage and event insurance).

Will a BJJ insurance policy cover travel and martial arts competitions?

Hosting a martial arts competition brings several liabilities- as does traveling to another school to take part in an event there.

The comprehensive Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu policy covers you during tournaments at home and away.

If your school hosts an event, your insurance offers full liability coverage for everyone involved- as well as providing property coverage in case of any damage to your premises or equipment.

You can also travel with peace of mind when taking part in other schools’ tournaments. If one of your staff or students needs medical care on the road, your policy covers it. Other expenses, such as missed flights, re-booked accommodation, and emergency medical attention.

Is anything other than medical liability and injuries covered?

Bodily injury and medical bills are the most common claims made on a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu insurance policy, but personal injury insurance coverage is not the only thing included.

There are four main types of coverage included in our insurance policies.

  • Accident and medical coverage pays for medical bills, emergency care, and any related expenses if someone is injured at the school. Enhanced protection is available to cover serious or fatal injuries.
  • Liability insurance offers protection for the school- including staff, owners, and instructors- if they are involved in any lawsuits relating to injuries or incidents that occur.
  • Contents and property insurance covers your equipment and facility in case of damage caused by martial arts activities.
  • Tournament and event insurance kicks in during exhibitions, competitions, and other events that involve more than just your own students.

Property damage caused by students, staff, or visiting guests is also covered- including broken equipment and physical damage to your premises.

If a BJJ gym member is involved in a legal dispute directly related to the martial arts school or training program, it may also be considered a covered loss. In cases of negligence, misconduct, sexual abuse, and other complex legal issues, the school is protected.

Your policy also pays for legal expenses in an injury claim or other types of lawsuits brought against your school or employee.

Do these policies include comprehensive coverage for other martial arts?

Our insurance protection extends to a range of martial arts disciplines. If you teach or practice multiple styles, you can secure insurance coverages for them all through your policy. Theft and vandalism are also included.

Some other martial arts covered include Tae Kwon Do, Tang Soo, Karate, and Judo- to name a few.

It is important to list all styles taught at your school when applying for martial arts insurance. That way, the insurance agent can ensure sufficient coverage for all your needs.

How much do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu insurance policies cost?

The exact cost of coverage depends on several factors, including the martial arts styles taught, the applicant’s claims history, how many students and staff need coverage, and a few other key details regarding business operations.

You can get a free quote online by filling out the application form and sending it to [email protected].