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Karate Insurance

Investing in Karate Insurance for one’s martial arts educational facilities is important as several things can go wrong in martial arts, people can easily slip, people can easily fall, and this brings both legal actions, which might hurt one’s own school fiscally, and terrible publicity, which can damage ones school’s image and harm you on a financial basis as well. You don’t want legal actions to go forward and get into community press such as magazines and radio/television media. That is why it is very important to determine the ideal Karate Insurance, because it could save your small business from fiscal problems that result from injury at your school.

The sort of liability for Karate Insurance which is regularly offered to martial arts schools is definitely ineffective in many circumstances. In the matter of a student becoming hurt engaged in martial arts training, solely Karate Insurance can safeguard the school from “participant liability”. If a student were to sue you when participating in lessons, regular liability for Karate Insurance would be not able to shield you from a destructive legal action. All of the efforts and many hours invested in enhancing your school could very well be demolished by just one legal action should you not own Karate Insurance.

A martial arts trainer will teach his/her student the best way to protect themselves. They supply them all the necessary and crucial methods to protect themselves, but a lot of the time, these teachers won’t use the vital steps to safeguard themselves, such as the event of legal action, where someone is trying to take away everything the martial artist worked so desperately to obtain. The best thing these martial artists are able to do is getting the proper Karate Insurance to safeguard these individuals in these situations.

A legal case coming from a student could lead to you surrendering pretty much everything you have worked for. Your entire company and potential future could very well be demolished virtually instantaneously. There is no legitimate reason for you to consider such a risk if you don’t need to. When you decide Karate Insurance such as Martial Arts Group, you allow yourself to live protected from the liability of accidents and shield exactly what matters to you. Once you make your school a protected setting and utilize the best insurance, you will end up doing the best you are able to make a long lasting and profitable martial arts business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the Point of Having Karate Insurance Coverage?

Having karate instructor insurance or karate school insurance coverage is to protect you from the dangers of liability, as is the case with any kind of insurance policy. In the world of martial arts, things can go awry as you know.

A slip and fall could happen that leads to an injury and then what? You end up with huge losses because you didn’t have the right kind of martial arts school insurance. Notice the use of the phrase “the right kind” there.

It’s a no-brainer that general liability insurance doesn’t cover you for everything in the context of a karate school. However, even a policy for your karate club can be inadequate. That’s why Martial Arts Group Insurance is here to keep you completely covered!

Doesn't a Standard Policy Already Cover My Martial Arts School?

No. This is an unfortunate misconception that people may have. Take the principle of “participant liability” for example. Unless martial arts instructors and their schools have it, there will always be legal actions that the representative of students hurt during training can take that you can do nothing about.

A general policy is not meant to address certain specifics that are all key in the martial art world.

Is There One Policy Type That Applies to Every Kind of Martial Arts Studio?

Whether it’s martial arts instructor insurance or a policy that covers the school, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions to any problem, which is why we have customized things to suit our customer base.

To this end, you’ll find that we offer policies that suit different styles such as kung fu, karate, tae kwon do, and more!

What Are the Different Elements of Coverage Offered By Martial Arts Group Insurance?

Insurance for martial arts is not the most straightforward discipline in the world, which is why we took the time to establish protection at different levels. To this end, you’ll find that we offer the following:

  • Liability coverage
  • Accident and medical expense coverage
  • Contents coverage
  • Tournament coverage

Does My Martial Arts Insurance Policy Work with No Waiver Provided to My Students?

No. Even with an insurance policy, there are still steps you need to take for the whole equation to come together. Your institution must have a release and waiver of liability and indemnity agreement. This extends beyond just your students and goes for your staff members too.

Should you fail to secure such forms from the relevant parties, whatever coverage you should receive when an incident occurs will be void.

What Kind of Additional Coverage Types Are Available Beyond the Standard Elements Offered by a Karate Accident Insurance Policy?

For an extra fee, we do offer a couple of potentially useful additions, which are:

  1. Hired non-owned auto coverage
  2. Abuse and molestation coverage
  3. Contents property coverage
  4. Excess limits coverage.

The last one is particularly useful as it has $1 million per occurrence and $5 million aggregate limits. These amounts are incredibly useful when incidents occur that would go beyond your standard amounts.

Is There an Easy Way for Me to Get an Idea of What the Karate Studio Insurance Rates Are?

Yes. The final page of our application and questionnaire is a breakdown that guides you through what the insurance rates would look like. Bear in mind that with economic and other changes over time, these figures are not set in stone.

Additionally, the numbers include variable processing fees, so if you want an accurate breakdown, we encourage you to call 1-800-207-6603 since karate insurance quotes may be on your mind.

What Kind of Information Will I Need to Provide to Apply for Karate Club Insurance Coverage?

As you can imagine, any insurance company that is taking on a client is technically taking on a potential risk. Be that as it may, our job is to provide you with a measure of liability protection if any of the risky occurrences should happen.

That means we need to do our due diligence before we agree to cover you. With that said, you’ll find that the details we require are quite extensive and include:

  • Name of the school
  • Location details
  • Information about the teachings
  • Past insurance history
  • Particulars of everyone needing to be insured

We’d recommend that you have a look at our application form to see the complete set of information that we require.

What's the Worst Thing That Could Happen in a Legal Battle with No Martial Arts Liability Insurance in the Mix?

This will come down to personal views. What you may think is the worst thing may not be the same for someone else. In our opinion, the worst outcome of a lost legal battle is losing everything you worked for and having your school close.

Regardless of how disciplined and focused karate or mixed martial arts instructors can be, it’s more than a little nerve-racking to know that this is a reality when insurance isn’t in the mix.

What Is the Best Way to Reach the Team at Martial Arts Group Insurance?

Reaching us is very easy. You may call 1-800-207-6603 or send us an email at [email protected]