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Ninjitsu Insurance

Finding Ninjitsu Insurance is of vital importance to the wellbeing to your martial arts training school. There are lots of problems that may happen in a school. People can be hurt from the martial arts training by itself or from a thing as simple as tripping and falling. Common liability for Ninjitsu Insurance is insufficient simply because it doesn’t cover what can come to pass within a martial arts school. When someone sues a school with ordinary liability for Ninjitsu Insurance, the school ends up having to suffer monetarily because of the significant payouts and because of the after effects of negative publicity. Taking the initiative to obtain Ninjitsu Insurance ensures that you are able to concentrate on expanding your company and remain worry-free from potentially harmful legal actions.

Most liability for Ninjitsu Insurance that is offered to martial arts institutions is not going to actually cover a school from injury legal cases. This is why it truly is majorly vital that you have something called “participant liability.” This Ninjitsu Insurance liability covers you while the student is taking part. Even if you have Ninjitsu Insurance liability, if a student gets hurt and the student or parents of your student elect to sue you, if you do not have participant liability, you won’t be protected in this situation. You’ve probably put never ending hours of your time and a quite a bit of your dollars into making and setting up your martial arts school, without the proper Ninjitsu Insurance, it could possibly all be ruined and lost. One personal injury lawsuit can certainly end everything.

A martial arts trainer teaches his/her student how to guard themselves. They supply them all the necessary and crucial ways to shield themselves, but a lot of the time, these instructors won’t take the important steps to guard themselves, like in the event of a case, where someone is attempting to remove all the things the martial artist labored so desperately to achieve. The best thing these martial artists is capable of doing is purchasing the appropriate Ninjitsu Insurance to guard these individuals during these scenarios.

A legal case from a student could result in you relinquishing pretty much everything you have labored for. Your entire company and tomorrow can be demolished almost immediately. There isn’t any valid reason to take such a danger even though don’t really have to. If you choose Ninjitsu Insurance like Martial Arts Group, you allow yourself to remain secure from the liability of accidental injuries and safeguard precisely what concerns to you. Once you make your school a safe environment use the correct insurance, you’ll be doing the best you are able to make a long-lasting and successful martial arts business.

FAQs About Ninjutsu Insurance

What Is Ninjitsu Insurance?

Ninjutsu insurance coverage is similar to any other type of personal insurance. It will protect you from these things:

•  Liability if a student acquires broken bones
•  Medical coverage for students and staff members who are injured at the school
•  Tournament coverage if you hold student-only fighting tournaments (This doesn’t cover a participant from another school, though you can buy separate policy riders for that.)

Does Ninpo Insurance Offer Sports Equipment Cover?

Our insurance coverage doesn’t automatically offer sports equipment cover to protect your dojo’s items.

However, we do offer equipment cover as optional coverage once you’ve purchased liability insurance. It can be used to cover your dojo’s items, such as sparring gear, shields, and targets. There are exclusions, so it’s best to read your policy thoroughly and ask us any questions. We will relay those to our underwriters when needed.

Why Would You Need Ninpo Insurance?

The martial arts industry is booming, and many people are learning about Ninjutsu and its disciplines. Whether it’s for exercise or to participate in sports, they enjoy the sparring.

However, there is a risk of injury involved, so Ninjutsu insurance is essential for both employees and participants. You could suffer a significant loss if your dojo isn’t covered and someone is injured.

Does Ninjitsu Insurance Cover You in a Sports Competition?

Yes. Ninjitsu insurance will cover you during a sports competition (tournament). However, it only works if you’re in your dojo and only for your teachers and students. You can purchase a separate policy (rider) to cover participants from another school.

Will My Standard Travel Insurance Cover Sports/Martial Arts?

Generally, travel insurance won’t cover your students at a tournament, as each policy contains exclusions. Examples include impact sports and other potential risk factors.

It’s best to contact us for help to protect yourself and ensure every participant is covered. We will determine which policies are suitable for you based on your risk level and the potential for injury, such as broken bones and sprains.

Does Your Sports/Martial Arts Insurance Have a Maximum Age Restriction?

Our underwriters do not put age restrictions on insurance for contact sports. However, there could be age-related exclusions.

Can I Receive Sports/Martial Arts Insurance Coverage with a Medical Condition?

Yes, a policy can still cover you if you have a medical condition, and there may be no extra cost. However, the underwriters might apply special terms, and you should be upfront about your illness or disease.

Does Ninjutsu Insurance Cover Other Forms of Martial Arts?

Yes, our insurance will cover many martial arts forms. Examples include:

•  Aikido
•  Judo
•  Karate
•  Tai Chi
•  Tae Kwon Do
•  Kung Fu

What Are the Risks of Not Being Covered By Sports Insurance?

While state laws rarely require companies to carry liability insurance, it’s wise to protect yourself from financial risk. Legal fees, settlements, and judgments after an injury could be very expensive.

What Are the Benefits of Purchasing Sports Insurance?

Contact sports come with a significant risk of injury, whether you’re performing Aikido or Ninjitsu. Insurance will cover you for damages like:

•  Venue Damage – If someone breaks a glass or dents a wall, you can put in a claim on your policy based on the coverage amount.
•  Equipment Damage – Buying new equipment comes with the territory, but insurance coverage will protect you and make it easier to buy new things after they’re damaged.
•  Participant Injury – Accidents happen in contact sports. Having access to insurance coverage will protect you from being sued for broken bones and other injuries.

How Long Will It Take Before I'm Insured?

If you have an unfinanced policy, you are usually covered one business day from the date you applied.

Those who have a financed policy will typically be covered two business days from the date they applied.

How Do I Request a Quote?

To request a quote, please call 800-207-6603. You may also contact us for questions about what we cover and receive more information about making a claim.

Does Ninpo Insurance Coverage Really Protect Me?

Yes! We offer a range of insurance products to cover you and your investment. Liability coverage protects you from various types of claims and helps with legal defense costs.

We also offer accident and medical coverage, which covers medical treatments for students or staff who get injured at your school.

Optional coverage is also available for your equipment and tournaments.