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Why Get Affordable Muay Thai Insurance Coverage

Training Muay Thai can be an exciting and rewarding endeavor. You, the team, and the clients can practice frequently to become stronger mentally and physically.

However, training martial arts is problematic without appropriate business insurance. Combat sports like this can lead to serious injuries, and you want the best insurance policy possible to protect everyone and everything there. As you might have realized, such insurance is different than traditional liability or travel insurance.

If you don’t deal with your insurance requirements now, you could incur legal problems later. If a client gets hurt in the gym and files a claim, you risk losing the business altogether! We don’t want this to happen! In fact, Martial Arts Group Insurance offers world-class services so that your company gets the protection it needs and deserves.

Risks of Muay Thai Training

Muay Thai requires skill, and your business is there to offer that to your clients. However, they are using all body parts to become professional fighters. As with other contact sports, injuries are considered unavoidable. You may have been lucky enough not to need a Muay Thai insurance policy yet, but it’s likely to happen at some point.

Here are the most common Muay Thai injuries your clients and trainers might suffer:

Ankle sprains
Stiff neck
Wrist sprains
Bruised ribs
Bruised shins

Risks of Not Having Business Insurance

Even if your gym is perfectly safe, Muay Thai, Chiang Mai, and other similar practices can lead to property damage and injury. For example, a student or instructor could trip while kicking, which means breaking something or hurting themselves. This could lead to a significant lawsuit. Alternatively, the kick could have damaged your equipment, which you must replace.

We help you cover some of those expenses. You won’t pay out of pocket for property damage or legal claims for medical care reimbursement. When you have the best insurance policy, you’re protecting your gym and can look to the future!

Do You Need Martial Arts/Muay Thai Insurance?

Yes! Muay Thai insurance helps you unleash your company’s full potential. You get peace of mind knowing that everyone is protected, and you will also cover your equipment and other necessities.

We offer many packages to help you cover your business. However, you could be at risk if you don’t select the right option. Our team can help you find appropriate Muay Thai insurance for your needs.

Advantages of Private Insurance Solutions for Muay Thai Gyms

We provide the insurance solutions your Muay Thai gym requires, such as:

Tournament coverage
Contents and property coverage
Accidents and medical coverage
Liability coverage

Every Muay Thai gym is unique, so we offer individual quotes. Though we don’t provide travel insurance for a Muay Thai trip to a foreign country, we do offer in-house tournament coverage. World nomads from Koh Samui, Thailand, and elsewhere can visit your gym, and you’re still covered!

We Can Help!

Whether you require instructor insurance or other coverage, we can help. In fact, you can protect yourself in many ways when you use our Muay Thai services:

Cover bills arising from property damage and injuries
Increase enrollment counts
Increase member retention rates
Ensure the safety of your instructors and students

Types of Insurance Packages Available

The type of insurance you get depends on your coverage needs. We recommend accident, medical coverage, and liability to start with.

Liability insurance protects your business from legal claims against it. Medical and accident coverage will cover the bills from an accident that happened inside the gym.

Choosing the right package ensures that potential clients find you more attractive. They know you care about the training instructors and everyone else on the premises.

Differences Between a Travel Insurance Policy and Muay Thai Business Insurance

Travel insurance is primarily designed to go with you when you visit other countries for training or tournaments. For example, if you go to Thailand, the insurance would cover you. We don’t offer this solution, but our business insurance will protect you (the owner), your instructors, and the students.

Ensure Employee and Client Health Through Our Insurance Company

You shouldn’t be operating a Muay Thai gym without insurance because it leads to unnecessary risks. We offer many insurance package solutions. Please call 800-207-6603 or email [email protected] to get started!