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Ask the Experts – April 2018

“Additional Information on YouTube” I would like to talk to you today about all the benefits of running a special summer program or summer camp. This all day or half day session can be run as a one week camp or an all summer session. I would highly recommend running an all summer program because this program should be able…

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Greeters can make a huge difference in your closing rate

Hear how this process works at Greeters can make a huge difference in your closing rate. I know that most of you have some type of greeting process for prospects but it needs to be refined. A greeting done correctly will close the majority of prospects before they even set foot on your floor. Granted you show them a fun…

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Ask the Experts – February 2018

Having an effective referral system should be the most important marketing tool you possess. This is easier said than done. The difficulty is how or more importantly, what is it that motivates students to bring a friend in. When I first decided to create a “Bring a Friend” program (as I called it), I thought it would be easy, but…

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Ask the Experts – January 2018

A great drill that makes your students better and will also get you more students This drill comes from a game that I played as a child. I initially added it to my instruction for something fun to do. It wasn’t too long that I noticed huge benefits to my students. Their sparring skills improved immensely from doing this drill.…

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This holiday promotion goes a long way.

You make up a gift certificate to give to the parents of your youth students. The one I used offered the parents a free course. Place the gift certificate in a Christmas or Holiday card. I offered parents a choice from a variety of courses/activities. For example, I would have courses for self-defense, weight loss, flexibility, physical fitness, etc… You…

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