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Ask the Experts – April 2018

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I would like to talk to you today about all the benefits of running a special summer program or summer camp. This all day or half day session can be run as a one week camp or an all summer session. I would highly recommend running an all summer program because this program should be able to generate a minimum of $4000 a week. Even if your job won’t allow you the time off it would be in your best benefit to find someone to run the summer program for you. Maybe one of your trusted upper belts can help you. Even if you split the profits with them it will be a great generator of income for your school. I find it very hard to look away from a minimum $4000 per week income.

An additional benefit to running a summer program is that it is a great way to gain new students. Soon many parents will be looking for a program to place their children in for the summer while they are at work. They have to find a place so why can’t it be your place? The idea, for a parent putting their child into a program that will increase their child’s self-discipline, physical fitness level and all the many benefits your program can supply, is very appealing to them. Once you have them in your summer program you should be able to sign them up to your regular classes once the summer session ends. Granted that you show the parents that you can build their child’s character. You can make good money while gaining new students. This is win-win for everyone.

It is also a great way to increase your retention rate of your current children students. Because of what we teach, there has to be a lot of repetition and sometimes classes get a little boring for the kids. It is hard to present an exciting class day after day. The summer program can add a whole lot of excitement into your children. Since the sessions are so much longer you can do so much more with that time. Not only can you teach your curriculum but you have plenty of time to add fun and exciting things to do. This will leave the impression that your school is a very fun place to be. The more they have this feeling the less likely they are to quit. I don’t know how many times one of my Black Belts have come up to me thanking me for making sure they didn’t quit. It is our job to get them to their goal. This is a great way to increase retention and make much need income for your school. Once again a great win-win scenario.

It is especially important to run the summer program if you already run an after school program. Your current afterschool parents will need a place to host their children during the day for the summer. I am sure that you spent a lot of time, energy and money building this clientele to begin with. The last thing you want to do is send them somewhere else for summer care. You never know they might not come back. They may like the new place better. Keep your current parents happy and host a great summer program.

Hosting a summer camp will also increase your retail sales. More students means more sales. You can also sell items that are specifically targeted towards the summer program. A special summer T-shirt is a good example of this.

I talked to many schools that do run summer programs asking what they charge the parents per week. For a full day program I would estimate the cost charged at $195 per week. You should easily be able to get a minimum of 20 students for this program. You have current students to target and there are 100’s of local families that will be looking for a place to host their child for the summer. 20 students will give you an estimated $4000 per week. That is really good money for doing something that you love which is also a huge benefit for the community. It is hard on parents to find a good place to take their children for the summer. You can really help them out while generating much needed income for your school. Some schools also give an additional option for some of the students to attend a half-day session. This is a good option because not every child needs to come for a full day. Having this option should increase the number of potential students. A good question is how much should you charge for the half-day students. I would say if you charge the average of $195 that $145 or $150 is a good charge. It gives them a break on tuition but it also is a number that makes it worth your wild. It should be good for the both of you.

As always, before you start anything new program you should investigate your state and local laws regarding your endeavors.

I discuss more details about running the summer camp in the YouTube video. You should listen to it. This can do so much for your school.

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