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Ask the Experts – December

December is a tough month to gain new students.

More information about these successful programs in this 7 minute YouTube.

December is a very tough month to gain new students. There are not too many things that you can do. During this time of year people are very busy preparing for the holidays, as I’m sure you are. I do have a couple of things that have worked for me in the past that I am going to tell you about.

The first, is I run a special on a two month program and suggest that people give it as a holiday present. I let all my students know that I have this special going. I tell them that there is no greater gift that they can give then physical fitness, self-defense and self-improvement. I also like to promote this on all my social media platforms. A little secret that I do to get my posts shared is that I use video. What I like to do is put up a very cool video with a post about my special underneath it. The video does not have to have anything to do with my special. It just has to be a good video that people want to share. When they share the video my message about the special I am running get shared and people see it. Running the special usually gets me a few students every year. It does not take a lot of work or effort.

The second technique that I use to gain new students during this time of year is to give a gift certificate to the parents and spouses of my students. I tell the parents that the gift certificate is in appreciation for them bringing their children to my classes. I tell them that I realize the sacrifices that they have to make as a family to get their child to my class. I also let the spouses know of my adult students that I appreciate them giving up time with their loved ones so they can train at my school. The gift certificate I usually use is a one-month course, totally free. Listen to the 7-minute Youtube to find out how I designed the certificate and more about running these programs. I have done this technique for years. It has always brought me new students.

The hardest part about gaining a new student is getting them on your floor. These two proven techniques have worked for me year after year after year. They take little work and something you can easily do. Do yourself a big favor and run these programs

As always good luck to your school