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Ask the Experts – Special Update – May 2016

I am seeking a group of martial arts school owners to join me in sharing information with each other that will help increase our student count. The Martial Arts Group has thousands of members. With participant contribution, we can have hundreds of schools sharing effective ideas that work and are current. Together we can create an incredible wealth of knowledge. We can all work together to get bigger and better. Little effort for big results.


We are not direct competitors. It would be in all of our best interest to work together to increase our student count. We all have effective marketing techniques working in our schools. If we all share these techniques with each other we can all grow significantly. This alliance can help us in so many ways.


• Increased prospect appointments
• Increased trial memberships
• Increased member conversions
• Class training drills – we could all use to add more variety
• First page on Google – Proven SEO methods
• Better social media marketing
• Increased bottom line
• Ways to save money
• Ways to increase revenue
• And so on


This is a simple plan. We all work together to get bigger and better. “Gain and Retain”, a key to victory. If you would like to participate, reply to my email with your school name (so I don’t have to look you up) and I will send updates.


Ideas I have about how it will work Click Here To Listen (2 minute audio)