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Black Friday profits

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This is a fantastic time of year to bring in extra income to your school. I am very excited to talk to you about the holidays that are coming up and the great ways that you can generate income for your school.

Today I would like to discuss what you can do on this upcoming Black Friday to bring in more money to your school and also gain new students. All of your children students will be off school on Good Friday. This is a good time for you to run a special event on that day. You can run this special event all day where the parents can drop off their child at your school. Your students can stay there all day or as long as their parent wish. Many parents still have to work on Good Friday or they may want to go out shopping or run errands so they need someone to watch their child. Another reason why the parents will drop their child off at your school is they don’t want their child to sit around the house and do nothing that day. Plus the children themselves will beg to come to your school if you make this a very fun and exciting event. Every year I have students asked me are we going to run the Black Friday event again this year? They get extremely excited about this program if you make it super fun. I like to run different special classes, fun events, games, prizes and snacks. Just a really fun day.

I like to use this special event as a Bring a Friend event. I charge my students a small fee for this event to cover the snacks and prizes but I let the friends that they bring come for free. Most of my students will bring a friend to this event because it is so much fun. I give all the friends a special gift certificate for a low-cost 2 month program that they can ask their parents to give them for Christmas. Every year I gain new students from this idea. The first year you do this you may not get a lot of friends because it’s a new program. If you push you can get a few. Make sure this is such a fun event that next year every student brings a friend. This is a big time of year for me to gain new students and this is a great way to do it.

I like to have all kinds of Christmas gift ideas on display for when the parents drop off the children at my school that day. You can go to Century Martial Arts. They usually have a bunch of different gift ideas, new products and fun things to use as gifts for Christmas. Also check with whoever you buy your Martial Arts supplies from. I like to put up these gift ideas along with new equipment designs, fighting gear and other things that the students may want for Christmas. You do not have to stock your school with hundreds of each item. Just have one or two of a lot of different items so you can take orders from the students who want these products. I take the money that day and then order the gifts to be delivered before Christmas.

Another great idea that works for me year every year is creating a Christmas Gift Wish List. I hand these out to the students both children and adult so they can check off the items that they want for Christmas. The student then gives this wish list to their family members so they can get Christmas gifts from your school. You need to get this gift list out as soon as possible because family members only have so much to spend on Christmas and you want them to spend some of their money with you. This idea works great. You need to do it because it will generate a lot of extra income for your school.

I run this special event every year and every year it turns out to be a great success. The first year it may turn out to be slow but each and every year it gets to be a bigger and better event. Do yourself a big favor and put this event together to create more income, increased fun for your students plus a good way to gain new students. This will be a big win for you and your school. Have a great holiday. As always good luck to your school.