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Christmas and Holiday Profit

You need to get your Christmas marketing together now! Here are two options that have been very profitable for me in the past. They work every time. This is the time of year where people spend money and if you plan right they will spend it with you.

  • 1. Create a gift wish list and hand out to your students. This is a list of martial arts oriented gifts, I add pictures, of a number of items that your students can checkoff. This gives your student’s family ideas for gifts for your students. The family purchases (or orders) these gift from you.
  • 2. Host an all-day training (free or charge) on Black Friday. This is where parents can drop their child off at your school for supervision. You can have fun classes and games planned. You can market this as an extremely fun day. The kids don’t have school and many parents need a place for their kids to go while they go to work or shop. This gives you an opportunity to get the parents into your school to see all the gift options (on sale) you have on display. Make an inviting gift display. Plus this will give you goodwill for helping out the parents.

This works every year!

Click here to listen to a 2 ½ minute audio with some helpful tips on this.