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Don’t waste your time or money promoting your school.

Most schools, at the very least, waste a large portion of their time and money while promoting their school. There are two extremely important factors that you must be in control of. Until you are, don’t start any promotions. Interested prospects will only look into your school one time. So if they don’t like what they find they won’t contact you and most likely nor will they in the future.

Factor 1: “Stack the Deck”

Factor 2: “Catch the Ball”

Stack the Deck – Tara did it! She ran a successful promotion that attracted the attention of 39 prospective students. Good job. Unfortunately, she has no idea that the promotion worked. The phone didn’t ring, no appointments on the website and only one person walked in the door. She thought the promotion was a failure. When in reality, 39 prospections from the time and money Tara invested was a great return. What went wrong?

Catch the Ball – Let’s say Tara did “Stack the Deck” correctly and now she has many prospects who want to make contact with her school. Tara took my advice and tracked all the contact to her school. This time Tara knows that the promotion was a success. She was very excited about the results of her new promotion idea. Unfortunately, her excitement was short lived. She only ended up converting one prospect. Gaining one student was a poor return on Tara’s investment. What went wrong?

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