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Halloween promotion that works.

This is another easy and free promotion that should get you new students ever year. It is so simple and it has worked every time for me. You need to print out guest passes on orange stock with black print. I like to add a Halloween design on it.

This is how you get these guest passes distributed for free (read more here)

I put the guest passes into bundles and give them to my students and parents of students. I ask that they pass out a guest pass with the candy they give out for Halloween. This could give you 100’s of views. You can’t ask for much more. 100’s of impressions for only the small cost of printing. Please take advantage of this. Free impressions don’t come around every day.

Another fun event that can get you new students. Host a “Bring a Friend’ Halloween party. Host a Halloween party where your students are encouraged to bring a friend to the party. Make sure this is a very fun party. I almost always get a bunch of kids to attend trials from contacting them through this party. Most the friends that attend should do a trial program for you. This is a fun event while you should gain more students.

Halloween is a great time to promote your school for very little cost. You need to take advantage of this. Getting new students takes effort.

Good luck with your school.