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Jim from Ohio asked a great question: How do I increase my inquiries?


I started my school 5 mounts ago. I have 27 students. I have a high conversion rate on turning inquiries into appointments and appointments into students. My problem is that I have difficulty getting inquiries. I have a professionally developed website and Facebook page. I understand that a good marketing plan consists of several components. What is your best or best couple of marketing techniques to increase my inquiries?




To get an answer, I went to my friend Frank Silverman. Frank is Executive Director of Martial Arts Industry Association (MAIA).



Having an online presence and social activity is key but rarely is it ever enough. First, with a base of 27 members I highly suggest three things that are cheap, easy and very effective:

1) Get as many parents involved and training as possible. Offer specials and free trial classes for them. This will also help build your adult program. Also, be aggressive in signing up siblings.

2) Seek referrals. Do this two ways. First simply ask for referrals (of existing members) and have a rewards program in place for everyone that refers a new member. Often if you ask people for business they will give you business. Second, host as many events as possible and encourage friends to participate (Bday parties, parents nights out, etc). If your conversion rates are high this will turn into new memberships as well. Make it public; meaning make sure everyone knows if a current member refers a new student and the reward that they received.

3) Try to “get in” with the public and private school. Be a partner in education, teach a PE class, participate in school events, sponsor newsletters, do school talks and more.


Thank you for your input Frank


I would like to add, one of the most important things you can do is get out in front of the community. It is all about exposure. Demos demos demos. You and your students can volunteer within the community. A good way to help out and to be seen. You have to let the community know you exist.


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