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Learn how to use other people’s summer camps to increase your enrollment.

Summer is just around the corner which means parents are frantically searching for an activity to place their children in while they work. I highly recommend running your own summer camp. It is a fantastic way to increase your income and your enrollment. When you decide to run your own summer camp look at my summer camp video .

You can increase your enrollment from other’s summer camps. Managers of summer camps look for outside activities for their campers to attend.  It is a great idea to contact summer camp directors and invite them to use your school as an outside activity. At the least, have them host you at their place. You would schedule with these directors for a day in the summer when they would bring over their campers to participate at your school. Search for summer camps and contact them to invite them to your school. You must persuade them that your School will be a fun an exciting activity. If you do they will come.

Listen to all the details on my YouTube.