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Question: What is an effective holiday promotion?

Holiday Promotion That Works!

Sorry for the late notice. I just remembered a plan I initiated many years ago that really works and should also be utilized by you.

You make up a gift certificate to give to the parents of your youth students. The one I used offered the parents a free course.

Place the gift certificate in a Christmas or Holiday card. I offered parents a choice of one from a variety of courses/activities.

For example, I would have courses for self-defense, weight loss, flexibility, physical fitness, etc… You should add as many options as you can come up with. You want to list an option that will appeal to their needs and wants. What buzz word will bring them to action? It doesn’t matter since your goal is just to get them on your floor. I found that if a parent used the gift certificate, they were 90% more likely to sign up for continued instruction. This always got me new students. It has an additional side benefit. Even if a parent chose not to use the gift certificate, they were still very appreciative. I can’t tell you how many came up to me and thanked me for being so thoughtful. It let them know I cared about them.

You should take every opportunity you can, to demonstrate to parents that you appreciate them. It really helps your student retention.