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Ranking High on Yelp*

Listen to 10 minute Blog for the all the details.

Yelp* has taken over the number one spot on a Google search for martial arts in your city. This is good and bad. It is good if you have a high Yelp* ranking. Prospect will click on the Yelp* link “The 10 Best Martial Arts Schools in your city”. If you are highly ranked the prospect will give you a lot of respect.

Now it will be very bad if the prospect does click on the Yelp* link and does not find you. Most prospects will not even look at your school. People like to buy products with good reviews. People trust Yelp*. So most likely the prospect will try one of your competitors that is ranked on Yelp* and won’t make it to your school. You need to get ranked.

Listen to this 10 blog to find out how you can get ranked high on Yelp*

Good Fortune to your school.

Don Prue

Martial Arts Group

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