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Testimonials – more important than you think.

The added benefit(s) are increased perceived program value; increased retention; increased word of mouth promotion (the absolute best type) and an improved atmosphere of respect among all school members.

Proven: Image is everything

Testimonials, which we like to call “My Experience”, on your homepage will increase your odds of getting an appointment from a visitor (potential student). Asking for My Experience comments isn’t easy. It’s a good thing I have a simple plan.

Prospects will look you up. “My Experience” comments will make them more likely to visit your school. That’s why the more you get the better it is. Locate a few on your homepage with a link to your “My Experience” page where you have all of them. This is more important than most school owners realize.

I need “My Experience” comments too, so please, please, please, if you are satisfied with Martial Arts Group, could you give us a quick testimonial? Should only take you 40 seconds. I really appreciate your business. Just a quick reply to this email. Please include your school name so I don’t have to look you up. Don’t forget, constructive criticism is always welcome. Thanks.

My Experience comments are one part of the “Key to Victory” (growth).

The first thing you need is a way to track who gave you a My Experience comment and who didn’t. I like excel so I’m a spreadsheet guy. Some schools have client database software. You should be able to track My Experience comments either way. Even if you write down the names and scratch them off when they give you one, as long as you record the data.

You want to keep track of My Experience comments because you want to know the percentage of students that give a comment. This percentage will tell you a lot. For simple math, let’s use the example of a school with 100 students and a good testimonial plan. Let’s say you get 15 My Experience comments. That gives you 15%. This has to make you wonder. Maybe only 15% of the students like me or my program enough to give a testimonial. Are my classes boring? Does my program have enough value? I could go on with a bunch more questions but what it really comes down to, is there a satisfaction problem? You need to find this out. Your percentage shouldn’t be that low. Solution: Mingle with your students and parents to find ways to improve their experience.


A good way to get started getting “My Experience” comments is by just asking for them. I ask the students and parents of, when I see them. Everyone I don’t see, I send out an email asking. Something like this:


I need your help. I would appreciate your feedback. What I need you to do is, if you are satisfied with my school, please tell me about your experience. Tell me what training at my school has done for you. Please reply to this email. It should only take you 40 secs or if you want, write a longer one. I am very interested in hearing what you have to say. If for any reason you are dissatisfied please come talk to me. I am here to make this a great experience for you.

This will really help me and all the other students. Thank you.

Mr. Prue

This email will get many but not from all of your students. For those who don’t give you a comment you will have to ask them again at a later date. I like to ask again with a quick note at the bottom of their progress reports. A lot of people are excited about good reports so they are likely to be happy and satisfied. Good time to ask. On the other hand, a poor progress report usually doesn’t lead to a testimonial but they may opt to give you feedback about their dissatisfaction (just as important if not more). To keep the student, you have to figure out how to change their dissatisfaction. This is a good time to get that feedback. I also like to ask, those who haven’t yet given a testimonial, right after a rank promotion. This is another place where the student’s progress is measured. Another time when people are happy and satisfied. I could go on but I think you get the idea.

Your mission should be to get a “My Experience” comment from each student. If they don’t give you one then they might be dissatisfied and you don’t need that.

Having a bunch of My Experience comments on your site will impress prospective students. Testimonials are not that hard to get. So go get them.