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Testimonials – more important than you think.

The added benefit(s) are increased perceived program value; increased retention; increased word of mouth promotion (the absolute best type) and an improved atmosphere of respect among all school members. Proven: Image is everything Testimonials, which we like to call “My Experience”, on your homepage will increase your odds of getting an appointment from a visitor (potential student). Asking for My…

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Ask the Experts – Special Update – May 2016

I am seeking a group of martial arts school owners to join me in sharing information with each other that will help increase our student count. The Martial Arts Group has thousands of members. With participant contribution, we can have hundreds of schools sharing effective ideas that work and are current. Together we can create an incredible wealth of knowledge.…

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Ask the Experts – February 2016

Don,   I could use your help. I am only converting about a third of my trial memberships to fulltime students. At the end of their trial I offer them a month to month plan or they can save by signing up for a year membership. Can you give me a few pointers on how to close more of my…

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Question: What is an effective holiday promotion?

Holiday Promotion That Works! Sorry for the late notice. I just remembered a plan I initiated many years ago that really works and should also be utilized by you. You make up a gift certificate to give to the parents of your youth students. The one I used offered the parents a free course. Place the gift certificate in a…

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Question: What is the best referral program?

Mark asks, “What do martial arts businesses find to be the most effective referral program? Is it giving referrers a discount on membership dues, free supplies, thoughtful gifts not related to martial arts, etc?”   Answered by: Don Prue – built one of America’s largest martial arts organizations. At his peak he had over 3000 students. He says, “I was in…

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