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Ask the Experts – April 2017

I can’t talk about this enough. It is so important to control what comes up in a Google search for martial arts in your community. Let’s say a potential student looks up ‘martial arts near me’ (they live in your community). What comes up in that Google search? How many spots on that page refer to your school? You need…

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Production Marketing

There are many forms of marketing a martial arts school owner must do. One of the most important and necessary ones is production marketing. Production marketing works because it is always being done. It is a type that is scheduled to be done at a certain time. Some marketing has to be done a few times a year, some monthly, some…

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This holiday promotion goes a long way.

You make up a gift certificate to give to the parents of your youth students. The one I used offered the parents a free course. Place the gift certificate in a Christmas or Holiday card. I offered parents a choice from a variety of courses/activities. For example, I would have courses for self-defense, weight loss, flexibility, physical fitness, etc… You…

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Christmas and Holiday Profit

Two options that have been very profitable for me. You should consider doing them. Create a gift wish list and hand out to your students. This is a list of martial arts oriented gifts, I add pictures, of a number of items that your students can checkoff. This gives your student’s family ideas for gifts for your students. The family…

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Halloween promotion that works.

Julie Emig, California emailed me to remind me to put out information on my Halloween promotion. I want to thank her. This is another easy and free promotion that should get you new students ever year. It is so simple and it has worked every time for me. You need to print out guest passes on orange stock with black…

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Ask the Experts – August 2016

My friend, Jim, has 850 active students. I asked if he could give me any tips that could help Martial Arts Group schools grow. Jim told me that he gets almost all his new students from community networking. Jim’s networking has been so successful, that he rarely pays for any marketing or advertising. He gave me a very easy way…

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